“Christmas Tree” By BTS’ V Is The FIRST & ONLY Song By A Korean Male Soloist To Chart For 3 Weeks On Billboard Global Excl. U.S.

“BTS V’s ‘Christmas Tree’ OST for the Korean series “Our Beloved Summer” is the only K-OST to spend 3 weeks on Billboard Global Excl. US Chart and the first solo by a Korean male to achieve this, is stands at #97 this week. On 19th January Christmas Tree by Kim Taehyung has debuted at #29 on Japan Billboard Hot 100, highest for a k-ost on chart, with just 3 days of tracking. V’s “Christmas Tree” also joined Jin and SUGA’s as the fastest Solo Songs by Korean Male Soloists To Reach 30 Million Streams on Spotify History: ‘Christmas Tree’ by V took 29 days, ‘Dаechwita’ by Agust D took 59 days and ‘Yоurs’ by Jin took 60 days. ‘Christmas Tree’ by V has surpassed 30M streams on Spotify in just 29 days!!

Singularity being the First & Highest BTS solo to debut on Japan Hot 100 (#34) to Christmas Tree being the highest debut for a Korean OST (#29)! V is the First & Only Korean soloist to debut 2 K-OSTs in the top 10 of Billboard Japan Download Songs Chart (#4 Christmas Tree & #10 Sweet Night). ‘Christmas Tree’ by V earlier surpassed 10.3 Million Streams & 864.6K Unique Listeners on Melon, the largest streaming platform in South Korea within 26 days of its release. ‘Christmas Tree’ by V was the First ever Korean OST to debut on all 4 Billboard charts! #79 US Hot 100 #29 Japan Hot 100 #82 Canada Hot 100 #13 Vietnam Hot 100.

V got his first ever career solo debut on the Billboard Hot 100 with ‘Christmas Tree’ and also had the best selling song n the USA that same week it debuted.

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