BTS’ V Shares Another Audio Clip Of His Unreleased Song, ARMY Are Ecstatic, New Mixtape Soon?

HIS VOICE‘ is trending after Kim Taehyung aka V, shared the most soothing snippet of beautiful music on his Instagram feed! V has one of the most soul stirring voices in the world, termed as a baritone but can hit the high notes as well. The emotion his voice holds makes you feel it in the depths to of your heart. V has often released songs with no caption intended to give any more meaning or information about the song. He has released snippets of songs both o Twitter and recently on Twitter he shared on his Instagram stories. On 24th January, V shared an audio clip of him singing without any caption to the post. “KIM TAEHYUNG” “Congratulations Taehyung” “HIS VOICE” “Mute Boston Bag” started trending soon afterwards.

ARMY are praising V’s beautiful vocals

“Can’t express how much I’m proud of Taehyung – his lyrics always so beautifully written and his voice is a big warm hug, getting us right in the feels, every time. He makes me fall in love all over again, Thanks Taehyung for making the best and healing music”

“Kim Taehyung has one of the most soul stirring voices in the world. The emotion his voice holds makes you feel it in the depths to of your heart.”

“KIM TAEHYUNG, THE MOST ROMANTIC PERSON EVER, his voice fits romantic songs so wonderfully and i’m so amaze on the way he compose songs & writes lyrics that radiate so much love…. i cant wait for KTH1! it’s gonna be the most beautiful thing ever that will surely melt our hearts!”


“Ngl Taehyung is just one of the best singer who exists in this time. his versatility & the magic that he creates with his voice remains unmatched. No coz how he can make me feel a heartbreak so bad that it hurts but at the same time mend it as well, magic”

His voice takes me to another level of bliss that I can’t explain. It feels like I’m in the air surrounded by angels. That’s how light I feel when I hear this man’s voice”

“taehyung singing “i see u smile, i smile too..i see u cry, i cry too..” his voice, the song, the music, it’s so beautiful and healing”

“For those of you not in love with Taehyung…how? He does beautiful magical things like this and I fall HARDER. I fucking swoon at his voice!”

“Kim taehyung really has the most beautiful and romantic voice. His voice laces with emotions that touch our heart & pulling us in. So powerful, so beautiful. He’s proving he’s the real musician and best vocalist. can’t wait for his mixtape, his masterpiece.”

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