BTS’ V Has Dominated The Search Phrase “The Most Handsome Man” For The Last 10 Years!

“Christmas Tree Singer, BTS’ V is the darling of social media. His impact has been increased with the setup of their individual INSTAGRAM accounts. He broke two Guiness records, set newee records and is officially the most followed Korean Idol on the app. Interest in him is always surging as he trends on an almost daily basis with different versions of his name.

He was been named “Most Handsome Face” in 2017 and has appeared on the list in top 5 position since then.

According to Google trends which analyzes popular searches worldwide, Kim Taehyung aka V is the #1 person related to ‘the most handsome man’s and has been on that position for the last 10 years! – Clout News

The search interest as of today 22nd January 2022 is up by 550%

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