#BillboardRacist Trends, Jimmy Kimmel Cancelled, ARMY Speaks Against Asian Hate After Controversial Article & Interview

“Billboard and Jimmy Kimmel American host for the show Jimmy Kimmel Live! have once again found themselves in hot waters after Ashley Park appeared on his show. Ashley Park sang “Dynamite” on the drama series “Emily in Paris” which BTS’ RM shared on his Instagram story while V posted the clip on his Instagram page. During a part of the interview with Ashely Jimmy Kimmel commented “..they’re both dangerous you’re lucky to come out alive..”

Bilboard then wrote an article with the title “Ashely Park Reveals That Her Overwhelming Reactions to BTS Was Actually COVID” and in a tweet they captioned a tweet about the article by writing “According to Ashley Park, the symptoms of interacting with a BTS member are erily similar to those of COVID-19” they have allegedly deleted the tweet

It is incredibly disheartening that with all the world has gone through with the effects of COVID 19, people would choose to ‘joke’ about it in the guise of being comedic or funny. And with the recent #StopAsianHate it’s unfortunate that individuals or a company is still treating Asian personalities with disregard twisting their words to somehow push their own agenda or narrative

#BillboardRacist and #StopAsianHate are currently trending as ARMY raises their concern and voices about the whole interview and article which is tiring at this point as these media keep repeating the same mistakes and feel no remorse about it.

If the article did not have an issue or in their minds it was right, they would not have deleted the article. Technology is fast but ARMY is faster, they always have the receipts.

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