Artist-made Collection “Show” BY BTS’ Jung Kook, He Explains His Designs and Inspiration, featuring SUGA, RM, j-hope & V

“Jung Kook introduced his merch collection and was joined by his fellow members SUGA, RM, j-hope & V who was the day’s MC. His merch included ARMYST ZIP-UP HOODY and MIKROKOSMOS MOOD LAMP. Jung Kook designed his items with his very artistic brain, from the label on the Hoody looking like graffiti art to the lights ion the mood lamp showing BTS logo on the walls. Jung Kook stated that since their other BTS merch looks obvious, he wanted to create something that was not too obvious. As the mood lamp he wanted to create it since he has used one before especially when they were on tour and it had an atmospheric feel to it so he wanted ARMY to experience that as well. Watch full episode HERE

“Some people live day to day following the same pattern of activities. So I wanted people to wear this when they want to bring out their wild side. That’s why I came up with the unbalanced look. Graffiti is the most primitive form of art, isn’t it? ” Jung Kook

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