BTS’ V Becomes 4th Individual In The World To Have 4 Posts With 17 Million Likes On Instagram

“V vocalist for mega band BTS has been setting Instagram records since they launched their individual accounts on 6t December 2021. V broke the Guinness World record for fastest individual to attain 1 million and 10 million Instagram followers, he also became the fastest account to garner 30 million Instagram followers in just 27 days . V has now joined Billie Eilish who has 5 posts with 17 million likes, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo each have four posts with 17 million likes (as of Jan 16th) He is the first and only Korean to have 4 Instagram posts with over 17 Million likes and he is also the most followed Korean Idol/actor on the platform.

V usually posts about his hobbies, interests, fashion, travel, sneak peeks into his unreleased songs, movies he’s watching, artists he’s listening to among other posts. V is truly proving that he is indeed the social media King as he continues to set new records. His recent post starring his pet pup Yeontan has 18 million likes which made V the first, fastest, and only Asian Act to reach 18 million likes on the platform! V’s posts with over 17 million likes include

18 million likes

17.5 million nlikes

17.1 million likes

17 million likes

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