BTS’ Jung Kook Sings ‘Supa Tuna’ Remix, “BTS REUNION” & “Instagram Story” Trends, It’s A Bangtan Party!

“I thought we were on a break! That seems to be the general consensus of every ARMY as the BTS members keep sharing content on social media. Ever since BTS set up their Instagram accounts on December 6th, it has been endless posts that it is hard to keep up, they were supposed to be on a break, but maybe it was a break from business or their work life. On 17th December, Jung Kook, j-hope, Jin and RM took to their official Instagram accounts and all shared clips of the same food which meant they were together enjoying themselves. Their voices can be heard in those clip as the four members seemed to be having fun, the clips they posted were of fish cakes or fish bread this bread is called ‘Bungeoppang’ meaning fish-bread and Bungeo is goldfish.

Soon after “BTS REUNION” “Instagram Story” started trending as fans showed their excitement of the mem bers reuniting once again. The members had been ion quarabntine after their travel in the US and SUGA, Jin and RM had tested positive for Corona but fully recovered. Even though the clips did not include their physical features or even faces, teh voices were enough to get ARMY excited about the reunion.

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