Artist-made Collection By BTS ‘Making-of Log’ “I Hope It Brings A Lot Of Fun Into Your Life & I Made It With You In Mind” from Jimin

“Jimin showcased his design process of coming up with his merchandise for the “Artist-made Collection By BTS. Jimin’s collection is literally Jimin himself.., everything about the items oozes his great personality. The details, from the color to the mini but important and intricate details, all Jimin. Jimin’s “RED CARVING EARRING” is made of 925 sterling silver which looks simple, but also prevents damage to sensitive skin prone to allergies. He even added a burgundy line as an accent, since he really likes that shade. Jimin was so cute stressing out about options and asking everyone’s opinion because he wants his collection to be the best. Watch the full show HERE

“It’s either earrings or a phone case. Honestly its really simple if we go with earrings. I usually wear simple earrings like these ones, like hoop earrings and stuff. Stainless steel? Oh, I though silver would be expensive. I’d like to go with a purple hoody. (Do you wear purple often?) I wear it every time I get the chance. Oh, did Jung Kook go with purple? (No) That’s a relief. The hoody material cant be too thick and it should be soft. It doesn’t look good if its too long and baggy Jimin

“Earrings are so hard to choose. It would be nice to engrave it and add color to that part. I’ll add 13 to the end. 13 In yellow. In this color. 13 in block letters. This is in block letters too (shows designer his wrist). My members tease me about it. They said it looks like I received a stamp for competing in a race. They were like, ‘did you come 13th? Or ‘Do you get that if you do 13 pushups?’ Okay then lets add 13 to the back of that too. Add 13 here like a brand name” Jimin

“Yes something our fans will love. When I choose what to wear I always choose simple designs. And I go for styles that will suit me. I wonder what everyone else is doing. Yes, well I tried tried my hand at designing although its not my place to do so. I was only able to complete it because I received a lot of help. I hope it brings a lot of fun into your life. That would make me happy, too. I think this project shows our personalities and styles. We all chose different items and I’m sure we went for very different styles and designs… but I made it with you in mind. I wanted to make something that you would want to wear and I thought a lot about how you would use it when designing the products, so I hope you like it. Thank you so much” Jimin

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