Artist-made Collection “Show” BY BTS’ Jimin, He Explains His Designs and Inspiration, featuring Jung Kook, RM & Jin

“Jimin introduced his merch collection and was joined by his fellow members Jung Kook, RM and Jin. Jimin’s MC was JungKook. Jin is always extra always finding ways to use merch by his members, he used the hoodie’s long arms to hold a hot pot of ramen. Jimin’s “WITH YOU HOODY” is designed in such a way that the big hood could completely cover the crown and yet, leave some space around the neck so that it doesn’t brush off the makeup on the sides. Jimin also explained the meaning behind the number ‘13’ details in his merch. He said, its his birthday their team’s birthday and the year their team was born. The number 13 has a lot of meaning for him as it’s the same as the lettering on his wrist. You can watch the full episode here

“I thought it’d be nice to have something we can use together. Earrings are something that I always wear a lot. As for the hoodie, I thought it’d be really nice to make something and wear it together.” Jimin

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