“CHAKHO” Currently Trending With Over 1 Million Tweets After ‘7Fates: CHAKHO’ BTS’ WEBTOON Series Launched The First Episode + How To Watch All The Episodes


“Fans have been anticipating BTS’ webtoon series 7 FATES: CHAKHO which launched its first episode on 16th January 2022. Immediately “Chakho” hit the twitter trends with over 1.01 million tweets as fans excitedly shared their experiences watching or reading the webtoon. You can join the hype and read the webtoon for free on the WEBTOON app and look forward to a new episode every Saturday. If you want to read the next episode/s now, you can purchase coins and access them prior. On Wattpad only the first part is free and you have to purchase coins to read the next episode that gets released weekly on Saturdays. 7 FATES: CHAKHO also has an official YouTube channel that you can keep being updated as well.

On Twitter Chakho is still dominating the trends

The Webtoon is also trending at #1 on the official webtoon website

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