Magnum Ice Cream Once Again Mentioned BTS’ Jimin, They Would, ‘Give Jimin All The Ice Cream Just For Existing’ & We Completely Agree!

“Once you “Jim-In, You cannot JimOut” that’s a famous saying and inside quote in the BTS fandom. BTS’ Jimin has a way of crawling into your heart and refusing to leave. He will chatm you with his immaculate cuteness and keep you glued with his sexiness and when you watch him dance and sing, you are a complete gonner. He is the most caring thoughtful human on the planet, he loves ARMY deeply and ARMY lives him back.

He is the darling of brands, Twix chocolate could not stop gushing over him, celebrities like American “Friends” actress Jennifer Aniston and American rapper Lizzo haven’t escaped his cuteness and incredible talent.

Magnum Ice Cream joined the “Jimin” bias list and they always have a chance to mention him every now and then. They confirmed they only have eyes for Jimin and they even wished him a happy birthday this year. A fan recently posted a video clip of Jimin, V and Jin dancing to get free ice cream when they were on holiday. Magnum Ice Cream retweeted the tweet and wrote,

We’d never make Jimin dance for Magnum ice cream. Jimin gets all the Magnum ice cream he wants just for existing 😢❤️” Magnum Global

Magnum Ice Cream is totally whipped for Jimin, we feel you bestie, totally relatable!

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