Artist-made Collection By BTS ‘Making-of Log’ “I Came Up With Products Where You Can Be Reminded Of Us Wherever You Are” from SUGA

“BTS’ SUGA showcased his design process of coming up with his merchandise for the “Artist-made Collection By BTS. His ‘guitar pick necklace and black note and cover set were carefully selected and designed exactly as SUGA wanted. His design details were put in mind for people who want to use the items practically like the note pad in meetings and even the guitar pick necklace to be worn without overpowering any outfit or look. SUGA was adamant that they use the best quality materials for both items. He went for the classic grungy feel nd look with the necklace and classic fashionable black with the notepad.

Personally I think merch like this shouldn’t be so obvious. I want it to be really understated so it wouldn’t look like a fan merchandise. I was thinking about a pick shaped silver necklace. Although you can’t play guitar with this you can still feel like you’re playing a guitar. I want it to be silver that looks used. Not shiny silver but silver that looks a little tarnished and used… yes matte. Oxford notepad plus case, It’ll be one set with the BTS logo and ARMY logo, and a case… use Saffiano leather or something fancy. Fake leather looks too cheap.” SUGA

“I want people to actually use it, the necklace too. I mean if you’re using it at work and you want to get something approved, or send a memo, it might be a bit embarrassing if it says BTS on it. I don’t want people to not use it. As for the notepads I always use them when I work. It’s goof for writing journals or memos and stuff” SUGA

“Let’s go with one with my handwriting. I came up with products where you cane be reminded of us wherever you are” SUGA

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