Artist-made Collection “Show” BY BTS’ SUGA, He Explains His Designs and Inspiration, featuring RM & Jung Kook

“SUGA introduced his merch collection and was joined by his fellow members RM and Jung Kook. SUGA talked about all the intricate details that went into the design of his merch collection. He even stated that the notebook can be used for business meetings. He put a lot of thoughts into making the products so that whoever buys them can feel stylish. He revealed that he created products that reminded ARMY of him wherever they go

“Like the name suggests, the guitar pick necklace is a necklace with a pendant shaped like a guitar pick. I like playing the guitar so I was inspired by that when creating these products. Wearing this necklace can make you feel look and feel cool like a musician. This black notepad and cover set, I only use this notepad when writing songs… I went with black which is a color I like. I chose synthetic Saffiano leather so its very though against scratches” SUGA

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