BTS’ Jung Kook ‘Breaks Down’ Spotify, Trends Worldwide As Fans Get Excited Over His New Profile On The Music Platform

“You know you have a great impact on social media if you have more than ten keywords trending surrounding your name. Only Jung Kook, BTS’ golden maknae, song writer, composer, producer, director, dancer, sub rapper… Jung Kook’s power! No sooner had word gone around that Jung Kook’s Spotify profile is on ‘coming soon’ than fans began showing excitement which resulted in Jung Kook taking over Twitter.

“jungkook” and “Jung Kook”, are both trending after the news of Jung Kook official Spotify account being opened was known by fans. Along with his name trending were, Jungkook Spotify”, “JUNGKOOK SPOTIFY ACCOUNT”, “JUNGKOOK ON SPOTIFY”, “OMG JUNGKOOK”, “JUNGKOOK ON SPOTIFY”, and “Still With You”, “ITS HAPPENING”

Other trending keywords that joined included, “JUNGKOOK OST IS COMING”, “JUNGKOOK”, “COMING SOON”, “JUNGKOOK OST”, “SOLOIST JUNGKOOK”, “JUNGKOOK OST IS COMING” and “#JungkookOST” in anticipation of Jung Kook’s OST for their Webtoon which SUGA will be producing.

With such a great amount of interest from fans, Spotify crashed as ARMY were in a rush to follow his profile on Spotify leaving the follower count to freeze and the link malfunctioning. Jungkook’s Spotify Account added ‘This is BTS’ as Artist pick and left a message ‘좀만 더 기다려 :)’ which means ‘Wait a little longer :)’

Jung Kook Spotify profile

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