BTS January 2022 VOGUE Korea Magazine Cover, “I’m The Type To Focus On Something Where I’m Lacking, So The Practice Time Depends On The Situation” j-hope

 “When I enter the practice room, I feel a sense of responsibility, and a lot of memories from the past bubble up. I think, ‘I used to be someone like this. I need to let it out all out before I warm up. I casually listen to the music I’m going to practice and immerse my body in that vibe and feeling. I think that’s how I focus. Honestly, I’m not able to practice as much as before. That time, I was just crazy for dancing, now I just do as much as I enjoy! I’m the type to focus on something where I’m lacking, so the practice time depends on the situation.” j-hope

On going to a coldplay concert

“As a fan, I wanted to see them perform,” he said, “but I also wanted to see how a stadium concert was run. Coldplay are famous for their stadium world tours, and that was our dream at the time.” j-hope

“After I became a trainee, I didn’t have much memories of Christmas. I was always working on something or practicing, and after we debuted, we were busy with the end-of-year shows. This is a small wish, but I really want to enjoy Christmas this year quietly and privately with my family.” j-hope


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