BTS’ Jin, SUGA & V Send New Year Wishes To ARMY On Weverse

“Members of BTS Jin, V and SUGA wished ARMY a happy new year as they took to Weverse to write the messages. Jin thanked ARMY for their love and also their immense interest in his song “Super Tuna” that has taken the world by storm. He promised to give ARMY more content that they can enjoy and smile about. V thanked ARMY for all the love and he hopes to cherish them with love the coming year. SUGA as usual a man of few words wished ARMY a Happy new Year. Here are their beautiful wishes to their fans as the year comes to an end.


“I was able to spend very happy and thankful times throughout this year because of armys. as every year passes by, I receive more love, and every time, wonder how can I repay this kindness/grace. and though I’ve pondered/worried about it, thank you sincerely for enjoying ‘super tuna’ a content I’ve made without thought just so it can be enjoyed, I’m so happy. next year and the year after, if it’s something that army can smile/laugh about, I’ll try my hardest/best to make it and work diligently no matter what it is. you’ve worked hard this year and happy new year. thank you I love you army” _Jin


you’ve all worked hard this year. I think I’ve really spent a thankful and happy 2021 because all of you gave so much love. I hope everybody will have a healthy and happy 2022 ~ I love you and I really really cherish you I love you happy new year “_V


happy new year!!!“_SUGA

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