BTS’ j-hope Sends Message For The New Year To ARMY On His Instagram

“j-hope has been active on Instagram since they opened their account. He even officially welcomed fans to his page with a cute message. Since it’s the end of 2021, BTS have been sending messages for the new year. j-hope wrote a message to send to ARMY. He thanked fans and confessed that it’s been interesting spending the end of the year alone but it has given him the chance to reflect on how the year has been. Here’s the message he wrote

“happy new year!!! “May you/I wish you receive a lot of good luck/fortune/blessings in the new year!!! (Happy New Year!!!)” What kind of a year was 2021 for me? A year of trying lots of new and different things. A year of reflecting on the person Jung Ho-seok and his life. Maybe a year like the brilliant flames of a finale for both j-hope and BTS. The definitions if I look for them are innumerable. For the first time I’m spending the end of the year as my own self, with a chance to look back on 2021 and contemplate its meaning.

“This is what it really means to have time just for me,” that’s how I feel now. It was a year of boundless love, expectations and encouragement for which I’m thankful and thankful again, and I ready myself so that in 2022 I can give back what I’ve received…

The midpoint between a great end and another beginning. I feel only one thing now!! I still feel excitement. Barring something unforeseen, I think I’ll continue doing music and performance that I love. I think that’s how I take a step towards happiness for myself!! It was so hard but I had fun and I was happy. Adieu~ 2021. 😝

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