BTS V’s Special 2021 Birthday Wishes From His Members Are Both Hilarious & Sweet

“V’s birthday is here and the other members sent him birthday wishes. On their official Twitter handle, Jimin was the first member to wish V a happy birthday then RM, SUGA with his usual #ItsSUGAHyung, then j-hope gave us a gallery of Taehyung’s photos with his #Hopefilm tag. When Jimin posted, he started with “My love” and both RM and j-hope wrote the same words with their personalised messages. Here are how they wished V a happy birthday.


My love

Happy birthday bro




My love.

Happy birthday bro






“Happy birthday Taehyunga… since I’m currently quarantining I’m only sending my hearttt~

#TaehyungHappyBDay #ItsSUGAHyung #TaehyungBirthdayCongrats


My Love

Happy Birthday bro.




“My love

Happy Birthday bro.



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