BTS’ V Requests ARMY To Turn His “Vogue” Photo Into A Simpson Inspired Artwork, Challenge Accepted?

“Back on 25th May 2020, BTS’ V shared a photo where a fan had reacreted him into a Simpson lookalike with the caption “Army painted me” with him looking at the image. On 28th December V had gone to Weverse and shared his photo from their Vogue photo shoot and requested that they turn the photo into a Simpson lookalike. And if there is anything that ARMY loves is taking on challenges so we wait to see the art works that will come from this request.

BTS V’s Weverse post

ARMY is the most talented fandom in the universe just check out these incredible birthday fan arts for the members. SUGA, JungKook , RM, Jimin, Jin, the Permission to Dance concert, JungKook and his Doberman dog BAM, ARMy is up for the challenge and you can be there will be incredible art works that V will be able to choose from!

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