BTS V’s January 2022 GQ Korea Magazine Cover + ALL HD Photos

“How is your GQ condition?
V I want to get treatment quickly and return to my old state. So, if I do a concert like that, I think it will end in a good mood, and if I’m not in good shape even in the US, I think I’ll cry a lot.
GQ (at a Korean concert) It looked like a lot of regret.
V yes. Because of my legs, when I sat on the sofa and performed the concert, the emotion I felt was, ‘Wow, if I was offline, I would have cried my heart out in front of the ARMYs’. So now I hardly ever walk. When I get home, I just stay in bed.

GQ  As an artist, is there any work that remains purely on your wish list?

V Ummm… (Thinking for a while), I get a lot of thoughts, ‘I want to write a really good song’. It’s a song that can be proud of whether you tell it to ARMYs, your acquaintances, or anyone else. It’s a style that makes me feel a little sad when I make a song and listen to it again after time passes, so I just listen to it whole. Of the songs I’ve been working on right now, not many have survived. I change my mind often, my thoughts change, so the lyrics and melody change too. At one point, I had a feeling that this pattern seemed to have no end. So maybe my last wish is to leave a song that anyone can listen to.

GQ So, what was the ‘scenery’ that V felt beautiful recently?

V Oh, it takes 19 minutes for the sunset to set! It took 19 minutes and a few seconds. Not long ago, while watching the sunset, I said, ‘Oh, I’ll have to measure it from now on’, and when I measured it with a time watch, it got dark in less than 20 minutes. Those 20 minutes were the climax. I think I like the sunset more than the sunrise. I often tell my manager that I want to go see the sunset after work. When I watch the sunset, I always end my day happily. I was really, happy with the 19 minutes of sunset.

BTS V GQ January 2022 Cover


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