BTS Members Thank ARMY For Winning At The 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA’s)

BTS’ JungKook, j-hope, SUGA & Jimin

“BTS Swept the MAMA Awards by winning 9 total awards with 4 of them being the biggest awards (Daesang). The members shared their excitement and thanks their loyal fans (ARMY) for all their love and support. Jimin, j-hope and SUGA shared on Twitter their gratitude while JungKook posted on their official Twitter account, which they have been ‘missing’ in action since they opened their individual INSTAGRAM accounts.


“I want to sincerely thank you for such a grand honor and since the awards belong to our ARMYs after all, I will be even happier about it for you congratulations our army #OurARMYsReceivedAn Award” Jimin


Since I’m watching during quarantine in real time, it feels new!! And we received really many awards!!!! I think we could receive these awards because of all of you guys. I give the greetings of my love to our ARMYs who sent us their uncountable love in 2021 too, (muah muah) thank you” j-hope


“9 awards ppooi! pppooi! Thank you army! I miss you” SUGA


ARMYs… I’ve only just heard the news. Thank you. Hold on…. that doesn’t sound right… Congratulations ARMY!! Always be healthy and happy Army 💜 #OurARMYsReceivedAnAward #OurARMYsReceivedALotOfAwards #Jungkook” JungKook

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