It’s The Only Time That BTS’ SUGA Has Written #ItsSuga On A Members Post, Here’s Why It’s Melting ARMYs Hearts

“Jin is celebrating his birthday today and he is turning 29 (international age) and 30 (South Korean age). His members are wishing him a happy birthday and SUGA was the first member in BTS to send him the wishes on their Twitter platform. Every birthday SUGA always leaves with a hashtag to show that he is the one sending those birthday wishes. For all the other members it has always been #ItsSugaHyung since he is older than all of them. On Jin’s birthday he wrote #ItsSuga since Jin is older than him, he gets to be the young one and wish his older brother a happy birthday.

BTS’ Jin and SUGA

SUGA and Jin are the two oldest members so they have a very close relationship and usually have deep conversations. ARMY are getting emotional over the fact that Jin is SUGA’s only Hyung as the other members have tow or more members that they can call “Hyung”

BTS’ Jin and SUGA

Here’s some relatable reactions from the fans

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