BTS Share Their Reactions To Being Nominated For The GRAMMYS & Why They Are Now ‘Rivals’ With Chris Martin

“We always love BTS’ behind the scenes of pretty much anything they do in their lives, as fully invested 8th members, brothers, sisters, friends, uncles, ‘dates’ for dreamers, fan girls, fan boys, we want to know everything, give us the ‘Tea’ and we’ll be content. So with every moment ARMY waits for the “BANGTAN BOMB” moment of that scene. Today BTS shared their reactions to being nominated for the second time for the 2022 Grammys. They watched the announcements while they were on the James Corden show where they “cleaned the air’ and performed “Permission to Dance

They were excited hearing their nominations, Jimin and of course j-hope did a little dance and they said that they now had a second chance at winning. It was sad to hear Jung Kook say that, they still remember last time, they had prepared everything and all, but they still remained positive. BTS have been nominated in the “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance” and Coldplay is also in that category. RM said “We’re in trouble now, we’re up against Coldplay’s’ “Higher Power”.. hey Chris we’re rivals right now” the members laughed and j-hope added “Sorry Chris”

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