‘Papa Mochi’ No Longer Cancelled? BTS & James Talk About The Infamous ‘UN Comments’ Incident, Jimin Reasurres’ Corden He’s Still “Papa Mochi”

The Late Late Show with James Corden airing Tuesday, November 23, 2021, with guests Aisling Bea, Nicholas Hoult, and BTS. Photo: Terence Patrick ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

“The internet never forgets, you might delete but someone somewhere has the receipts. Technology may be fast, but ARMY is faster! BTS appeared on the James Corden Show for the first time after almost two years. As soon as the show started RM wanted to “clean the air” so he asked James how he has doing seeing that he had been under ARMYs fire lately. James ended up explaining the infamous UN comments incident that made ARMY dissapointed in him and almost got him cancelled.

BTS have appeared on the James Corden since 2017 and the last time they were on his show was in 2020 for their ‘Carpool Karaoke

In a cute touching moment, James asked Jimin whether he was still ‘Papa Mochi’ and Jimin responded that he believed him and they hugged. So all in “Papa Mochi, Baby Mochi” universe is right again.

James didn’t explicitely apologise but accepted that it was not the best joke and that the show meant no harm. RM told him that they appreciate his apology and the show went on as they talked about BTS’ hard work during the pandemic and spent a good almost ten minutes talking about Jimin getting buff! We agree!

Watch the full interview

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