BTS’ Jin Debuts On Billboard’s Emerging Artist & Hot Trending Songs Charts With 2nd Top Selling Song Of 2021

“Kim Seok-jin aka Jin, “Silver Voice,” triple high notes vocalist decided 2021 would be the year to set and break all records. The “Epiphany” singer shared with the world the GIFT that is his voice when he sang “Yours” a ballad that gives you the chance to experience Jin’s immaculate, clean, soothing, full bodied, complex yet smooth vocals.

As a result of doing what he is pasionate about, the world is recognizing and awarding his talents by showering his masterpiece with lots of love. “Yours” sang as an OST for the series Jirisan dropped with a lot of anticipation and has been dominating the world one note at a time. On this week’s Billboard charts, Jin’s “Yours” debuted at No.4 on the Emerging Artists chart, it is the 2nd best selling song this week just after Adele’s “Eyes on Me” and it debuted at #6 on the Hot Trending songs chart

“Yours” is also 2nd top selling song this week

“Yours” debuted at #6 on Hot Trending songs as well

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