BTS’ Jin Assured ARMY They Arrived Safely In LA After Their Flight To The US

“BTS left for LA, USA to prepare for their upcoming activities of Awards show, concerts and interviews. They are scheduled to perform at the 2021 American Music Awards (AMAs), have a chat with James Corden and perform for their “Permission to Dance on Stage” Their 14 hour travel came to an end as they arrived in LA. As is the norm, ARMY will always show up at the airport to see their favorite artists and BTS being the biggest artists in the world right now, being mobbed at their arrival is unfortunately to be expected.

This time it was different as a fan shared some fans waiting for BTS at the LA airport that looked quite empty. Apparently BTS used a private entrance at the airport. It might have been this fact that prompted BTS Jin to take to Weverse to announce that they arrived safely knowing that some fans might get worried at not seeing them arrive at the airport.

“ARMY, i/we arrived safely heart” Jin

BTS Jin on Weverse

Fans are relived that the members were not mobbed at the airport

They took a private entrance the LAX opened sometime last year for artists to go through when they arrive there so they don’t have to be seen by anyone or be crowded by ppl and get mobbed”

“Oh my God thats so good to hear I was worried they might get mobbed”

“means they arrived safely without getting mobbed right?? good enough.”

“I’m not army but this is smart they have said time and time again they love you guys but there is a limit and they love their privacy and they want u to treat them like normal human beings”

“I’m really happy that lax made it happen and gave them the treat as they deserves and I hope they rests well … WELCOME TO LA KINGS!!”

“I’m feeling relieved now!! I was so worried <3”

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