60 HD Photos Of BTS’ “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” Online Concert Moments You Must Never Forget

“Want to relive the memories of BTS’s “Permission to Dance On stage” online concert? Well, here are the still photos from HYBE to make sure that the memories are eternally etched in your mind s and hearts. The concert was a moment in 2021 that will not be forgotten any time soon! From the outfits to the chorography and dance styles, to the remix of the songs to V’s stage presence without dancing on stage, we loved it all. The moments that defined the concert include the “Butter” intro dance break, Black Swan orchestra like performance, Jung Kook and Jimin’s body chains and sexy outfits, j-hope’s ON outfit, “Blue & Grey” performance to everything in-between, the visuals, the vocals, everything was perfected to make sure that ARMY enjoyed the concert!

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