“Yours” By BTS Jin Fastest Solo Song To Reach 90 #1s On iTunes After Only 31 Hours Of Release, Still No. 1 On Worldwide iTunes 2nd Consecutive Day

ARMY had been anticipating BTS Jin’s OST for the Korean drama “Jirisan” ans with the records the song is breaking they are in love with Jin’s vocals and his the presentation of the song. “Yours” debuted at #1 on Worldwide iTunes when it was released on 7th November and today 8th November, the song is still at the top of the charts! ” The OST is the fastest solo song to git 90 #1s on iTunes and it is still adding more as Fiji is the latest country to add the 92nd #1 on iTunes for “Yours”

“Yours” by Jin is now the second song by a soloist with most #1s on iTunes in 2021. “Yours” was written for the Korean drama series “Jirisan”

“Yours” day 2 at #1 on Worldwide iTunes

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