BTS’ Jung Kook and BAM Incredible Fanarts To Treasure As “In The Soop” Season 2 Comes To An End

BTS’ Jung Kook and BAM

“The official 8th member of BTS was introduced to us when BTS’ “In The Soop” season 2 began. The whole world fell in love with him and they could not get enough of him, BAM, Jung Kook’s doberman dog stole hearts and gave everyone the feels. He quickly trended as fans learnt about him and loved his cute interactions with his owner Jung Kook and the rest of his uncles (SUGA, RM, j-hope, V, Jin and Jimin)

Every moment of BAM in the series was fun to watch and it was so healing seeing dad (Jung Kook) and baby (BAM) having fun, their morning and evening routines. The pair were so cute together and in true ARMY fashion, they created fan arts of the two cutest individuals to grace our screens.

Here are our favorite fan arts from BTS ARMY

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