BTS’ RM Trends At #1 Worldwide After Penning A Heart Warming & Reflective Letter For ARMY

“The gravity of RM’s words is so deeply rooted in sincerity, emotion and feelings of I hope you understand what I am trying to tell you. It feels like he invented the emotions and feelings of live because in his letter you feel every inch of meaning in those words. The fact that the Weverse English translation of RM’s letter is almost perfect means that he definitely tried his best to make sure everyone could understand his words and that the meaning was not misconstrued. Fans cherish Namjoon’s and really appreciate him sharing his thoughts with them, worrying about them and wishing them well. In just a few paragraphs from Namjoon it always feels like the warmest hug on the coldest of days. His words have comforted a fan who was on the verge of giving up and his speeches always carry so much weight on how they impact lives.

His post on Weverse


how are you all doing…

Long writing is getting more and more difficult, but if I don’t write it forever, I think I’ll forget how to write it.

I still don’t know how much and how to convey these and other thoughts that are floating around, but it doesn’t change as much as I just want everyone who I love and who loves us to be at peace for as long as possible.

I too have been searching for stability and peace for so long, but I can’t shake the thought that people, or maybe even me, always want some kind of drama. It’s like a strange disease that makes you feel anxious after a little bit of stability.

At the age of 17, It’s been a long time since I came to Seoul, but sometimes when I look back while walking, I get a strange feeling that nothing has changed. After all, I’m still only 28 years old, and I’m struggling to become as strong as I hoped.

Actually, I started writing again a while ago, but today I don’t want to grab a pen, so I’m writing it down here.

Like the previous cafe posts, why do my posts always look the same, both at the beginning and at the conclusion?

I miss you a lot and think about it often.

Winter, which has come and frightened me, is quickly running away and it is a good season to walk. After a while, when the wind gets warmer, we’ll meet at that place. As always, I will make music and meditate on my body and mind every day, just waiting. Hehe!

I miss you!

He always starts with “are you doing well?” RM

RM always starts by asking “are you doing well?”

ARMY responded by speaking about how much his words mean to them

“Namjoon who told us about the sky and the secrets it can share. about art and how it surrounds us at all times. about love and how sometimes you can’t define it by anything but more. Namjoon wishing us peace. I hope he knows how many times I find that peace in him. I came to find Joon in so many things that surround us, so many parts of the world I might have not noticed otherwise. there are pieces of Joon, words that stick with me, thoughts I remember. there are small reminders everywhere and there are days when that’s enough. “the winter that used to come at us unexpectedly and scare us had run away before we even knew it, and it’s a nice season to walk in” as Joon said maybe not a lot changes. our hearts learn to love things they didn’t know before and our eyes start to gaze at the world much kinder. i hope the peace he brings reaches him too. and stays” ammi ⁷ 

“Whenever I walk by a tree, it reminds me of Joon, whenever I see the sky, it reminds me of Joon, whenever I see a bicycle, it reminds me of Joon, whenever I see someone being passionate about something, it reminds me of Joon, whenever I read a good piece of writing, it reminds me. of Joon, whenever I see museums, whenever I see a small sapling trying to grow, a bud trying to bloom, a bird flying and singing under the blue sky, it reminds me of Joon. I find Joon in every part of my daily life, he makes it a little easier to live and love” Vane⁷ Chris dayyy

“Existing in the same universe as him and the other members will always leave me in awe, the fact that I could’ve existed in any timeline and any other alternate universe but was blessed enough to exist in the same one as them? I lack words that are enough to convey how it feels.” claire⁷

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