Find Out Why “I WILL MARRY BTS MEMBERS” Is Trending, How BTS’ V Has Everything To Do With It & ARMYs Hilarious Reactions

“For all those who had plans or hopes for marrying any BTS member, your dreams have been shattered, by the one and only Kim Taehyung! BTS shared their second “2022 SEASONS GREETINGS” preview video where there are more clips of the behind the scenes. In one of the clips they are having a conversation where Jimin, Jin, SUGA and V had a conversation.

Jimin: “You can’t live without me”

SUGA: “That’s how we grow old”

V: “I will marry BTS Members

All the other BTS members lost it laughing hard. V has a way where he says something funny or shares a joke but his face is serious and expressionless. As a result of his blurting out his ‘intentions’ “I WILL MARRY BTS MEMBERS” trended worldwide with “CONGRATULATIONS JIMIN TAEHYUNG”

ARMY’s reactions are always hilarious and relatable!

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