Here’s What BTS’ j-hope, V & RM Have Been Upto During Their Free Time

“With the covid 19 pandemic halting many activities, BTS members have been able to take part in relaxing activities and enjoy doing random things like visiting the museum. BTS are usually doing world tours, creating music and other ‘1 billion’ other activities that they get to miss doing what might seem as mundane and simple activities. With the pandemic slowing life down the members have often shared that they have started new hobies or picked up hobies they had forgotten due to their busy schedules.

As much as the members have been busy with their online concert, shooting “In The Soop” season 2, or their “2022 SEASONS GREETINGS”, their schedules have been a bit laid back and light. This gave j-hope, V and RM the chance to visit the museum and enjoy art work.

We know that RM loves visiting museums during his Namjooning, V also enjoys art and has on several occassions visited museums as well, j-hope also appreciates art and has also had moments of enjoying the creative artworks. The three members shared on their official Twitter handles their trip to the Museum. Both j-hope and V visited the Leum, Samsung Museum of Art.

Here are the moments and art j-hope, V and RM shared of their visit to the museum




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