Grunge & Moody Meets Classy Gentlemen In BTS’ “2022 SEASON’S GREETINGS” Preview Cuts #2

“BTS are once again serving new incredible looks in their version 2 of their “2022 SEASONS GREETINGS” preview cuts. In their part 1 they all had Rockstar vibes oozing out of their outfits and setting. In part 2 they have added a new look where they are posing at a red carpet like event with a background that is giving tropical vibes. The two have new added another photo collection of the grungy style plus casual wear, fitting suits and pastel colors, two sides of the same coin. They are sexy villains and classy gentlemen. The duality is insane! See all the amazing shots!

BTS Jimin
BTS j-hope
BTS Jung Kook
BTS j-hope, Jung Kook, SUGA (standing). V, Jimin, Jin, RM (sitting)

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