BTS Channeling Vintage Meets Rockstar Meets Goth Vibes In New “2022 SEASON’S GREETINGS” Preview Cuts Photos Version 1

“They came and saw and conquered, ARMYs hearts. BTS are know for their elaborate concepts when in comes to their music careers, Whether it be for a music, video, campaign, show or concert, they will always up their game and bring the most in very shoot. Having spanned a career of 8 years, one would think that they would be out of ideas on what concept to choose to build on, but not these seven men. Even RM answered that very question when he was asked in an interview about fan’s expectations of their artistry after such a long time in the music business. Instead of deterring their efforts, that pressure to reinvent themselves is what keeps them churning out new incredible never seen before concepts. For their 2022 SEASONS GREETINGS BTS are churning out their inner Rockstar’s with a concept that is bold, full of prints, gothic vibe and moody Halloween like aura.

2022 has already started with these almost past yet futuristic looks that BTS is giving fans. This concept is reminiscent of their “War Of Hormone” era where they exuded bad boy rebellious post teen youth who do what they want because they own their lives.

BTS j-hope
BTS Jimin
BTS Jung Kook
BTS Jin, RM and SUGA
BTS Jimin, Jung Kook, V and j-hope

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