“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” “TAKE MY MONEY” & “WHAT WAS THE REASON” Trends As ARMY Are Barely Surviving BTS’ 2022 Seasons Greetings Concept

“When BTS take over twitter, they completely take it over. Soon after the release of BTS’ 2022 Seasons Greetings Preview on YouTube dropped, fans have been star struck and utterly awed by the concept of the members being villains. The video took Twitter by storm causing the space to be domianted by related keywords. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” started trending with ARMY in disbelief and in love of how good the concept is and how unreal it felt.

“TAKE MY MONEY”, “WHAT WAS THE REASON” “I LIKE YOU”, plus other more trends that included “captain jeon” “kitty gang jimin” “JIMIN JIMIN”, “Kim Seokjin”, “FATE READER TAEHYUNG”, “Jeon Jungkook”, “Park Jimin”, “TillNextTimeJimtober”, “Star Turned Villain”, “hoseok”, “Alley Cat”, “2022 SEASONS GREETINGS” occupied the top trends on Twitter

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