BTS Releases “2022 Season’s Greetings” Spot Preview, Who’s Your Favourite ‘Star Turned Villain?’

“BTS are already peaking into 2022 with their latest Season’s Greetings. BTS’ Season’s Greetings is an annual event calender showcasing BTS photo shoots with various concepts each year. For the upcoming year 2022, BTS are superstars turned villains. Each member potrays a villain and its uncanny how their potrayals of the characters somehow match some of their characters in some situations. Which villain is your favourite? Here’s what each member potrayed.


“People call me a genius scientist or weirdo.. isn’t it interesting? Whether this will be poison or medicine is up to me. Should I start?” RM


“There is no password that cannot be cracked. For me at least. System hacking complete!” Jin


“There are two types of music in the world. Good Music and bad music. Whichever it is isn’t it nice to be remembered?” SUGA


“If the basics are solid the road will naturally open. The road is definitely in here. Found it” j-hope

Jimin is “ALLEY CAT”,

“I like pretty and shiny things. That’s why, I like you” Jimin


“All fates were determined from the day the universe was first formed. You can’t change your destiny. But I can help” V

while Jung Kook is “ACTION-TAKER

“I don’t even start if its not going to be perfect. If I do something, I do it properly. Wanna come along?” Jung Kook

BTS’s own, special way of welcoming in 2022. Find out how in BTS 2022 Season’s Greetings!

[Release Date]
Pre-order: November 2
Global Shop Release: December 9
Japan Shop Release: December 29

* BTS 2022 Season’s Greeting making video can be viewed on Weverse using the digital code enclosed in the product.

Watch full preview

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