World Health Organization’s (WHO) Conference Attendees Danced to BTS’ “Permission to Dance”

“Permission to dance by worldwide mega stars BTS has been a cultural reset and has not only impacted individuals by how good thr song is but its message to the world at a time when the world is trying to recover from the COVID 19 pandemic. Permission to dance was released on 9th July as BTS’ gift to ARMY to commemorate the day the fandom was created.

But it became an anthem of comfort to the rest of the world. The biggest flex of the song was when BTS performed Permission to Dance at the UN as part of their official engagement after speaking at the 76th UNGA.

The song is getting world leaders dancing as a clip was shared by Khairy Jamaluddin the Minister of Health Malaysia on instagram stories of leaders in the conference taking a break to dance to “Permission to Dance.” In the clip the minister wrote

“As part of WHO’s protocols for meetings we need to get up after a couple of hours and move. This is both fun and scentific. At MOH we call it an X-Break. Nice Moves @dghisham

The Director General of Health Malaysia Noor Hisham Abdulla who was tagged also shared the post on his Instagram stories

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