BTS’ Jin Reopened His Old Wounds Talking About His Pet Dog That He Lost in 2017

“One of the best thing about watching BTS In The Soop is that you get to feel and see the members’ vulnerable sides. They are able to share moments and memories that they may not have shared in a different setting like interviews or other variety shows. In episode two of the show BTS sat sharing a meal and reminisced talking about their dogs, suddenly they talked of the day Jin lost his pet dog. “In 2017, when Jin’s pet dog Jjangu passed away, Jin heard the news during their schedules right before a music show recording and he kept crying so they decided that they just had to get it right on their first recording and Jin held it in and filmed well,” j-hope revealed

It is heart breaking to loose a pet that you have been with for over a decade and even more sad when you remember the memories but we are glad Jin has family and BTS who have been with him through thick and thin

In a blog post accompanying the song on SoundCloud, Jin revealed that he wrote “Tonight” while thinking of his pets.  Over the years, Jin has shared his love, and losses, of his dog and two sugar gliders with ARMY.

BTS Jin with Jjangu

Jin wrote a letter for ARMY about his loss

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