BTS’ Jin Asked An ARMY For “Receipts”, Here’s Why It’s Adorable Yet Relatable

“BTS’ Jin is the King of replies when it comes to interacting with ARMY. His savage answers are always hilarious and fun. He answers as is and makes everything seem chaotic yet entertaining. In the latest comment to a fan on Weverse, Jin asked a fan who said that if Jin answered on his post, he would post the comment on his apartment window. Jin saw the post and replied that since he has answered to his comment as requested, then the fan should do as he said he would. He is basically asking for receipts as proof and ARMY reactions are as hilarious as they are varied. There are those who wish it was their comment being replied to, those who are in awe and those who support Jin’s hilarious request for proof that he/ she followed through with his intent of posting the response on their window. Jin’s response on Weverse

ARMY : “If I will get any reply from Seokjin oppa, I’ll put the very big letter “I got a reply from Kim Seokjin” on Weverse” on the window of my apartment and will be bragging it at the school

Jin : “Please show the confirmation (later)”

Here are some hilarious ARMY reactions

“he said receipts or it didn’t happened”

“which means he’ll be checking their profile late”

“Yall wish this was you”

“He really said okay I replied already now show me the receipts”

“that army must have saved the world in their past life”

“jin ain’t trusting their fake asses without a proof”

“he asking for receipts”

“Peak army behaivour asking receipts everytime”

“he really said ‘i want receipts’”

“the kim seokjin says receipts please”

“nooo this is so wholesome”

“my man said show the receipts”

“Not him asking for the receipts”

“gonna follow op now to see the proof”

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