Over 10 Years Of Friendship, Why Fans Are Endeared Over “Namgi” In Latest BTS Group Photo

“Friendships that have lasted over a dacade have special meaning and they are usually solid and what every person yearns for. To have one person that you can say “Yap, we’ve known each other for ten years!” Very few people have that and that is what fans see when they look at “Namgi” shortened forms of BTS RM and SUGA’s real names (Namjoon + Yoongi) combined. RM and SUGA were the first members to join BigHit now HYBE and they have forged their friendship over the years.

RM and SUGA have talked about the fights they had, tears they cried and dreams that they had which have come true. They have sang about their beginning in the song “Move” and shared their admiration of each other as individuals and as artists.

The poster

BTS recently Released a photo that has instructions on how to stream their “Permission to Dance on Stage” concert and it did not pass the eagle eyes of ARMY how RM and SUGA were posing on the photo, SUGA’s arm resting on his shoulder while RM’ hand resting on SUGA’s hand, which is so cute.

This led to fans sharing their favourite “Namgi” moments that they treasure which ia fun considering these two BTS rappers and producers have a whole decade worth of “uwu” moments.

The shot

“Namgi” ended up trending worldwide with over 17K tweets.

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