Twitter Goes Wild Over The Possibility Of BTS Jung Kook Having A New Piercing?

“BTS’ “In The Soop” season two has brought many new revelations that fans have been excited about. We got introduced to BTS Jung Kook’ doberman, BAM and now the twittersphere woke up to news that Jung Kook may have added another piercing. ARMY are still recovering from Jung Kook’ eyebrow piercing that he had confirmed was true, recently he showcasee his lip piercing that wa spotted during their FACT MUSIC Awards performance and can be clearly seen when he visited Jimin during his birthday VLIVE.

On 16the October fans started sharing closeup pictures of the BTS maknae’s see through shirt. On the pictures on the right side of his chest, there’s a shiny metal item peeking through the holes on the pajama shirt. It looks like a piercing but then someone pointed out that it could be just his in ear mic, or a fabric. Majority believe its a nipple piercing which resulted in “NIPPLE PIERCING” trending under Music category with over 13K tweets so far and “JUNGKOOK NIPPLE PIERCING” with 1K tweets trending

Jung Kook already has an eyebrow piercing and a lip piercing so maybe he added a new one? The jury is still out there, either way we love his confidence in 2021!

ARMY reactions are as hilarious as they get

Those that do not agree with the theory have explanations of their own

One thought on “Twitter Goes Wild Over The Possibility Of BTS Jung Kook Having A New Piercing?

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