BTS’ SUGA Produced Japanese Artist ØMI’s Single “YOU” Watch The Beautiful Trailer

“Producer SUGA has added another cap to his amazing producing skills. This year SUGA produced and composed a new version of Samsung’s “Over the Horizon” ringtone. He has an acvoade of artists that he has profuced hit singles from singer IU, Suran to Halsey among others. He spoke in an Interview about his role as producer and how it ties with him being an artist. On October 8, Japanese artist ØMI announced that his song “ANSWER… SHINE” was produced by SUGA.

He revealed that there will be two songs, “You” and “Starlight,” where “You” is produced by SUGA. “ANSWER… SHINE” is set to drop on October 15 while the teaser was released on 8th October.

Watch the trailer

SUGA being awarded for Producing singer Suran’s single “Wine”

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