BTS Jimin’s Birthday Messages To Be Read On New York’s Z100 and Los Angeles’ KIIS Radio

“Jimin, BTS’ lead dancer and vocalist is loved worldwide and as his birthday approaches, there are many projects being set up to celebrate him as he turns a year older on 13th October 2021. Jimin’s birthday messages will be taken to another level when his messages from his Chines fans will be read by radio hosts from New York’s Z100 and Los Angeles’ KIIS radio stations. This will be the first time ever that messages for a celebrity’s birthday will be read on those shows. The hosts will also play Jimin’s song “Filter” on the radio. The message that the radio hosts will read is;

“BTS’s Jimi, happy 27th birthday to you. Our greatest wish is that you keep healthy and happy forever. Everything you love will turn out the way you want it to, thank you for your appearance as the miraculous dancer and singer. Please do whatever you want to do, we will always support you.” From Chinese fans

“Some winds babies said. They are cords of countless voices. Cling to you gently. Make them delicate and dark blue. Fill their hearts with song forever. Happy Jiminday”– JiminBarChina

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