Second Teaser For BTS’ “In The Soop” Drops & We Love How Tranquil The Members Look

“It is good to see BTS ‘doing nothing‘ and by nothing I mean not promoting, touring, shooting music videos, advertising and everything else that keeps them busy and just rest, for a few days, weeks, or whatever time they decide on. And they do deserve to take time off as they have given ARMY so much and are still preparing for ‘so much‘ so this season two is as much a necessity for the seven members of bangtan as it is for ARMY.

Watching BTS relaxed and having fun which they always do anyway even when working, is healing for fans.

The second teaser for season two was relased on 5th October and it has the membrrs talk what being in the Soop again means to them

Here are a few snippets of the beautiful sceneries, BTS included, in what to expect during “In The Soop” season two.

Tannies chasing each other with water guns
The night view of the beautiful location
Jimin and RM relaxing and catching up on a bean bag
Hobi having fun swimming
JungKook with a water gun laughing

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