20+ Hilarious ARMY Tweets About NOT Getting BTS Tickets For Their Live Show In LA


“The D-Day is finally here! On September 28th BTS announced that they would have 4 live shows in Los Angeles US and the tickets would be available for sale soon. Tickets for BTS’ LA Concert have gone on sale and the Twittersphere is full of ARMY sharing their tickets that they have been able to purchase, one even thanked his coworker who held it down for them while they were purchasing the tickets on line. It is an EXCITING time, but then there are those on the Twittersphere but on the other side of not being able to get the tickets, whether because they cannot afford or live in different countries. Ticket purchase is now like the Hunger Games since BTS ARMY have quadrupled in number, so for those lucky enough to get them kudos! for the rest of us we support and feel like ‘if they got them, then we all got them’ kind of mentality…all lies! As a result of this “i got tickets” “i’m gonna see bts” “i got barricade!” “omg i got sound check!” are currently trending worldwide.

So here are ARMY reactions to not being abkle to see BTS perform live again after more almost two years. As

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