The $300+ JACQUEMUS Green Leaf Print Shirt BTS’ V Wore For Tokopedia Advertisement Is Sold Out In ALL Sizes On The Brand’s Website

“It has hardly been a few hours since the Tokopedia Ad featuring BTS’ V has been released and he has already sold out the shirt that he wore in the advertisement. BTS have been brand ambassadors for Tokopedia for the last 12 years and they celebrated the event recently on Tokopedia YouTube Channel. The version featuring BTS’ V has just been released and fans are already gushing over how good he looks. One fan wrote “Kim Taehyung is the most handsome man in the world. He literally looks like a beautiful doll in this video. He’s also talented, kind, caring, adorable and cute. How could anybody stop loving such a near-to-perfect being?” Apart from appreciating him they have bought out the around $372 Sage green leaf-print shirt from JACQUEMUS which is a French brand. On their official website, the Shirt is sold out in all 6 sizes from size 44 to size 54.

See the advert below

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