Dancers React to BTS Jimin’s Dancing Highlighting His Techniques Movements & Style

“Jimin is a unique, fluid, mesmerizing dancer. Watching Jimin dance is like reading a great love story that every scene keeps you on your feet and you want to move to the next chapter and the next and the next. He knows how to incorporate his emotions, dance moves and facial expressions to tell the narration of the dance. He is undeniably the best dancers in K-pop industry, very versatile, there seems to be no dance style that he cannot do, his beautiful enviable body lines while dancing are literally a subject of study. His executions are impeccable and intentional. Watching the BTS vocalist makes you wonder if he is real or you are watching an Angel move and float towards you. and his perfect execution of the choreography just makes you wonder if he’s real. I’m no expert so I will let the experts talks about Jimin’s dance

The dancers reacted to Jimin’s dances in “I NEED U” intro MMA 2019, “Black Swan” MMA 2020, “LIE” dance practice, Jimin Pre debut ‘ballet/Contemporary Dance’,  Jimin ‘Opening show‘ stage at SBS 2016, “IDOL” MMA 2018 intro, BTS ‘PROM‘ PARTY, ‘FILTER‘ Map Of The Soul ON:E concert 2020, ‘Boy Meets Evil’ 2018 MAMA, ‘IDOL‘ fancam MCOUNTDOWN 2018

Nava Rose and Clay Boonthanakit

Points to take away from the reaction by the dancers

“He knows how to sell his dancing” Nava Rose

“Every time he does a move, he’s looking to the side… It looks like there’s so much attention, ‘I want you to look here’ ‘Imma do something’… and it just makes it feel like he’s like the puppet master, he can control where you are looking, he control the audience’s eyes with their own eyes” Clay Boonthanakit

Jimin is so agile, he shows his fast and slows, highs and lows really really well, that’s why he looks so agile while he’s dancing” Clay Boonthanakit

“The hard work shows and I don’t even watch their videos of them working on things so that is crazy impressive! I am now officially a fan of Jimin as well” Clay Boonthanakit

BTS Jimin

Watch the full reaction

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