“purplecolor” Trends #1 Worldwide as ARMY Excitedly Anticipates BTS V’s New Song He Promised To Create From Their Own Lyrics

“BTS V has promised that he will make a new song with the help of music producer Peakboy that he has worked with before on the song “SnowFlower” V will be making the song from ARMY lyrics that he requested on Weverse. The lyrics will have the theme “Purple Color” that he requested fans use the hashtag so that it can be easily found. As a result #Purplecolor was the number one trending topic with several keywords relatind to V. It also the trending hot topic on the Weverse App

Other search terms that trended included “taetae” “Peakboy” #LyricsForV #KimTaehyung “PROD V IS COMING” “tannie” “BTS V” “ARMY” “TAEHYUNG VLIVE” “TAEHYUNG VLIVE SOON” among others. Read how the color “PURPLE” is precious and has become the epitome of love between BTS and ARMY


On October 2nd, BTS V made a surprise visit toWeverse App which is always exciting whenever he drops by. This time he wasn’t just there to write or comment on fans’ posts, he asked ARMY,

“I want to write a song too.. Please write to me too. I am so jealous of all the lyrics you wrote for Jungkook

 “For the theme of the song, shall we explain the meaning behind purple color and how precious it is

“I don’t have a computer of my own that I can use to work with, so I’ll have to have to ask Peakboy to get a track and record it then

Kim Taehyung urged fans to post the lyrics using the hashtag #PurpleColor so that his staff can easily make note of them.

He assured fans that he would make the song tomorrow

The color purple is very significant as it connects both BTS and ARMY in such precious way. The color is BTS’ official color that is always incorporated into brands that BTS works with, from Samsung to Hellinox to McDonald’s purple is always used. V created “I Purple You” or “Borahae” in Korean which is now being pattented and copyrighted by BIGHIT Music since they realize how influencial and personal that phrase means

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