American Rapper Lizzo Covers BTS’ “Butter” On BBC Radio 1’s “Live” Lounge Confirms She’s A Total “VMIN” Stan

“American rapper Lizzo has been a fan of BTS for a while now, she revealed that her sister introduced her to the band and she loves them, she loves Jimin’s beauty and loves V’s fashion. On September 23 Lizzo appeared on the famous U.K’s BBC “Live Lounge and covered BTS’s summer hit “Butter”. She also donned a top with the words “VMIN” which fans found adorable. “VMIN” is BTS Jimin and V’s compilation of their names which is a friendship term that ARMY fondly calls the two BTS members. Lizzo explained that she chose Butter because,

“I’m really a sucker for people who make positive music, you know. I have dedicated my artistry to making positive music, and BTS does just that. The world has fallen in love with them because they are so sweet and pure, and they’re just good-hearted. And I wanted to bring more positivity into the world via their song. It’s a great song, too. It’s so funky, and I hope we do it justice.” Lizzo

Lizzo even highlighted some of fans’ favorite moments when she tweeted a few clips from her performance writing, “Hope I made V & Jungkook proud w this lil run I sang,” followed by “Hope I made Suga & RM proud w/this rap I did.”

Watch her full performance

One thought on “American Rapper Lizzo Covers BTS’ “Butter” On BBC Radio 1’s “Live” Lounge Confirms She’s A Total “VMIN” Stan

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