“Papa Mochi Cancelled? Why BTS’ ARMY Are Disappointed In James Corden’s Analogy Of “15 year old girls” Fans Comparison

BTS with James Corden at the Late Show With James Corden

“James Corden, American host of the show “The Late Late Show With James Corden” is fondly known as “Papa Mochi” to ARMY. The nickname came about when Corden had a carpool karaoke with BTS and they were talking about nicknames that the members have. He said that he had heard that Jimin’s nickname was “Mochi” so Jimin referred to him as “Papa Mochi” while Corden called Jimin “Baby Mochi.” The interaction between the two has always been calling each other those nicknames. Corden is a comedian and usually posts clips on the show’s twitter page. On 21st September he posted a clip talking about BTS at the United Nations Assembly. In the slightly over 1 minute clip Corden talks about BTS’ performance of their hit song “Permission to Dance” and his last remarks are what has gotten ARMY disappointed in him.

He said, “..Historic moment. it actually marks the first time, 15 year old girls everywhere found themselves wishing that they were secretary general António Guterres” James Corden


Tweet was deleted

ARMYs are expressing their disappointment at being compared to 15 year old girls and the casual nature that James talked about BTS’ appearance at the UNGA

““unusual visitors” “15 year olds” …i expected more from you james, we will never be free, i get that it’s satire but that doesn’t mean it has to be distasteful. this monologue was both. “seriously that last remark?? we can’t trust anyone tbh”

“Well firstly it’s not “unusual” for bts to be there they’ve been at the UN 3 times now, and secondly very disappointed in you for generalizing the whole fandom as 15 year old girls :/ i thought you were better than this”

“‘the world leaders have no choice but to take bts seriously’ idk james maybe it isn’t the fandom size that got bts invited, maybe it’s the fact that their message is primarily optimistic in a very trying time for the world and has had a positive impact on a large group of people? i absolutely abhor when people accredit bts’ achievements to the fact that they have a large fanbase. yes, in part, that has an impact, but why is there no focus on WHY they have such a dedicated fanbase? we’re not all here for superficial reasons, believe it or not”

“You lost us at 15 year olds .., we are all different ages here”

This really goes to show james hasn’t really understood the boys this whole time . Because if you did you would know they are more than just band . They speak out for the youth of all ages , age doesn’t matter when it comes to this fandom”

“Genuinely so disappointed. Like they’re not just a takeover act. We don’t love them just because they’re pretty and can sing, the amount of work and effort they put in and the messages they share. It’s another level. But of course fans are a driving force and we give the-“

“bro what is this”

“Papa mochi we’re not just a bunch of 15 yr olds….”

“He is basically making fun of bts an army, saying we are 15 years old girls and them are only casual visitorts to the onu even thought is the 3rd yeard they go”

“lost me at the “15 year old girls” stereotype”

“I just don’t get how you didn’t realize there’s SO much wrong with so many things you said. I expected better from you. 15 year old girls? Unusual visitors when this is their 3rd time giving a speech at the UNGA? Cmon now”

15 year old girls” come on James I thought you were better than this…”

““15 year old girls” james, i’m 23 with a college degree. my fellow army friend is 31 with a child. YOU are 43 and also a bts fan. maybe you should work on your lines.”

“It would of been great if James had of actually mentioned the reason that BTS were there: as Special Presidential Envoy for Future Generations and Culture to talk during the SDG Moment about young people’s experiences during the pandemic. This joke downplays their role.”

“I’m 32 and I’m genuinely disappointed in you for this. I thought you were better than this. They delivered a powerful, meaningful speech about covid, Young people, and the future of the world and this is what you choose to do….”

“You are losing our trust”

“we gotta let go the “papa mochi” statement he don’t deserve ut”

“He’s not papa mochi anymore bestie”

Some came to his defense

“It means he is a comedian and he made a not offensive joke about the situation were every single Army in this World would want to change places with the secretary of ONU. You guys are so emotional…. for God’s sake !!!!”

At the end of the day, James Corden is a comedian but how far does a joke or satire go for it to be interpreted as offensive or disappointing? Freedom of speech is a right of everyone, opinions vary for everyone still some things may be uttered and understood different from what was originally meant.

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